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Introduction to plastic surgery
Surgical procedures on face
Breast Surgery
Scar Revision
Jaw surgery/Reconstruction
Post Cancer Aesthetics
Hand surgery
Gender reassignment
Post burns contractures
Post Trauma aesthetics
Non surgical procedures
Skin Improvement techniques
Birth Anamolies
Ear Defects
Hair Transplant
Body contouring- Brachyplasty or surgery on arms, thigh and hip reduction surgery

In brachyplasty, the excess of fat is subjected to liposuction and the loosened excess skin trimmed to get a satisfactory body contour. When there is drastic loss of weight either by dieting or bariatric surgery, the loss of subcutaneous fat results in skin becoming lax and hangs at dependant areas. Body contouring is a combination of liposuction and surgery to give improved appearance to certain parts of the body such as arms, thighs, abdomen and hips.


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